Transport Asset Management

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators are invaluable decision-making tools. If your organization wishes to implement KPIs per best international practice or develop KPIs that best correspond to its needs, our team can help you realize a system that informs your stakeholders, policy-makers, and engineering teams in a concise and informative way.

Railway Management System

Pavement Management System

Road Furniture Management System

Deterioration Functions

Our experts in transport engineering modelling can develop reliable deterioration functions for, railway tracks, pavements, and road furniture using both regression and machine learning techniques.

Inspection and Maintenance Program Optimization

Specialized Software

Our experts have developed the AutoStrada smartphone application which is used to collect data to approximate pavement KPIs such as the RCI, PSI, or IRI. This application can be used to collect data within your project and thus achieve a reliable calculation of KPIs with a quick turnaround.

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