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We are a private Design and Engineering Consultancy based in Athens, Greece, and registered with the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce. Our website address is http://kdc-engineering.com

When you work with us or access our services, apps, and websites, these terms apply and are in place to set our expectations of each other and to provide you with some useful information.


Please review our Privacy Policy to understand our privacy practices.

Copyright & Trademarks

All “website content” (images, articles, graphic work, animations, product listings, product descriptions, page layouts, page designs, trademarks, logos, or other content) is our property or the property of our content authors/contributors and is protected by international copyright laws. Any content that is not our property is used under a Creative Commons License and is attributed to its original author. All software used on the website is our property or the property of our software suppliers and is protected by international copyright laws. The purchase of any product on our website or sister website kdc-makers.com does not provide the buyer with any copyright interest or other intellectual property right over the product.

Our trademarks and those of our affiliated companies and sister website KDC-makers.com may not be used for any commercial or other purposes without our prior written consent. All other trademarks and service marks not owned by KDC Consulting & Engineering or our affiliated companies that appear on the website are the property of their respective owners and may or may not be used without their prior written consent.

Licenses & Website Access

As a visitor of the website, we give you access to public areas of our website and offer you a limited license to share or download pages of our website for non-commercial educational purposes only. It is your responsibility to ensure that digital shares and downloads link back to KDC-engineering.com and credit is given to the respective authors of the shared content. However, you are not allowed to:

  • Reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, or otherwise exploit the website or any Website Content for any commercial or illegal purpose.
  • Use a robot, spider or data mining or extraction tools or processes to monitor, extract or copy the content of our website (except in the operation of technologies such as internet search engines and traffic counters).
  • Participate in any disruptive activity that interferes with the website’s security, functionality or another user’s ability to use the website
  • Copy, modify, create derivative works from, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble any technology used to provide the website and the services offered on the website
  • Assist or encourage any third party to partake in any activity prohibited by these Terms of Use.

Violating these conditions immediately terminates the licenses granted herein and any law-breaking activity will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Your Account

If you use the website as an account holder, it is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your account and password. You are requested to restrict access to your computer and agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password.

As an account holder with permission to make your profile public or submit content, comments, or reviews, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with and adhere to our communication guidelines.

If we believe that you are in violation of the Terms & Conditions or communication guidelines, we reserve the right to revoke your permissions, terminate your account, and remove or edit your content at our discretion.

Communication Guidelines

KDC Consulting & Engineering strives to provide a safe and inclusive space where people can exchange information and build social bridges. We encourage your feedback and aim to respond to your comments as soon as possible. We welcome reviews, comments, suggestions, communications, and other information via our website, by email, or through one of our website operation partners, or social media channels. To help everyone enjoy our community, we ask that when you post, you keep in mind the following: 

  • We don’t allow defamatory, indecent, offensive, profane, discriminatory, misleading, unlawful or threatening comments. 
  • Personal attacks, name-calling, trolling and abuse will not be tolerated.
  • Spamming, posting promotional material or posting links to third party websites is not permitted.
  • We reserve the right to delete comments at our discretion and block any repeat offenders. We will remove content that is fraudulent, deceptive or misleading.
  • Coordinated group attacks will not be tolerated. 
  • Respect that other people in the community have had different life experiences and may have a different perspective to yours. We welcome different viewpoints.
  • Our community is a public place. Don’t post personal information that you would not be comfortable sharing with a stranger. We recommend that you don’t post any information that may identify you or anyone else, such as your address, email address or phone number.
  • Be careful not to submit, transmit, or otherwise make available any content that infringes the intellectual property rights of any party.
  • Employees participating in the discussion in our community are reminded of the staff social media guidelines.

If you have a question about a product or service of ours, please send us an email at info@kdc-engineering.com or call us at +30 69 47 44 1817.

Requesting a quote for services

When you request a quote by email or through our website, we will contact you to verify the details of your inquiry and discuss your needs in greater detail. After which, we will provide you with an estimate of service costs that will be valid for 30 days from the date of issuing the quote.

Any deviations from the initial parameters that you have specified in the quote request, (for example, if you later request additional items or services, or require a faster delivery), will render the quote void, and we will provide you with an updated quote.

A quote does not guarantee that we are in business with each other. This comes after we both sign a service agreement that states the scope of the project, list of deliverables, timeline and payment terms. 

Our products

We provide a number of unique, limited edition design and engineering-related products and works of Art that are the result of our in-house generative research projects and collaborations with like-minded designers, artists, and engineers. Check out our Products section for more details. To place an order, you will be redirected to our sister website http://kdc-makers.com where you can also view our entire list of products.


Service prices are not stated on the website because they are calculated based on many parameters such as time and project complexity. We can provide you with the prices once you request a quote.

Product prices include VAT (where applicable). Depending on the value of your order or the delivery option or location, additional delivery costs may be charged and will be clearly shown during checkout. See http://kdc-makers.com/terms-and-conditions for more details.

Partnerships & Collaborations

We welcome partnerships with businesses, organizations, and individuals who share our vision for a sustainable future and professional work ethic. We believe in supporting our colleagues and playing an active role in the betterment of our industry. Having said that, when we advocate for a third-party product, service, or entity on our site, it is because we have first-hand experience and/or dealings with them and believe them to be genuine and of good value.

Reach out to us if you would like us to test your products or services, or collaborate with us on a project.

Artists may submit proposals for work that they would like to sell through us, directly on our sister website http://kdc-makers.com/collaborations.

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