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Meticulous Planning​​

We think of everything! Planning according to your immediate needs and your vision for the future.

Safety First

We believe that quality control is to be exercised throughout the project from its beginning to its end.

Perfect Execution​

We take pride in our work no matter how big or small because we invest so much care into it.

Affordable Prices​

High quality design is our default offering and every cent spent is a worthwhile investment.

Our Service Offerings

Forecasting – Model Development

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Demand Forecasting

Our team can develop demand forecasting models based on econometric and machine learning techniques for your particular application. For examples of previously developed and published models, see the Research tab. From data collection to model validation and deployment, we undertake the full cycle of model development while advising your team every step of the way so that they can use the model to its full potential once it has been delivered.

Discrete Choice Modeling

Modeling people’s choices, be it the transport mode they will use to go to work, school, or recreation, to the type of passenger car they will buy, is essential in all planning exercises. Our expertise in modeling people’s choices using econometric or machine learning techniques based on people’s perceptions and socioeconomic characteristics is available to your team to develop a model suite tailored to your needs. See Our Research for examples of previously developed and published models.

Transport Planning & Engineering

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Transport Planning

From a small town to a vast metropolitan area, transport planning studies are essential in planning infrastructure, services, and policies to best meet the needs of their inhabitants, businesses, and visitors. Our team uses cutting-edge tools and techniques to deliver reliable models, scenarios, and results.

Highway Engineering

Our team’s vast experience in designing highways and streets and intersections and interchanges of virtually any layout using a multitude of different international and local standards (Green Book, Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, Qatar Highway Design Manual, Federal German Standards – FGSV, Greek Standards) guarantees a design that meets the needs for:

  • Used safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, car occupants, and transit users.
  • Delay minimization for all users.
  • Construction cost-effectiveness.
  • Low maintenance costs.

From feasibility study to conceptual design to the development of shop drawings, our team is available to work closely with your team to guarantee the best possible results.

Pavement Design

Our team of experts can design the pavements of your Project, be they flexible, semi-rigid, or rigid, with the use of the latest and most reliable international or local methodologies, such as AASHTO’s Mechanistic – Empirical Pavement Design Guide, or the UK’s Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, or even develop a design guide specific to your country or region to ensure minimal life-cycle costs.

Traffic Engineering
Road Safety

Our road safety experts can conduct all types of studies from road safety audits on conceptual designs to the development of a road safety management system for your organization:

  • Blackspot analysis: apply statistical techniques to identify segments of your road network that exhibit poor safety performance.
  • Crash investigation: identify the causes of crashes by studying reports and performing on-site surveys.
  • Road safety audits: apply best practices to audit a project in all its stages, from conceptual design to traffic opening to identify and eliminate road safety hazards.
  • Road safety management system: develop a system within your organization to manage road safety, from maintaining actionable datasets to procuring services from consultants to providing information to the public and stakeholders.
Railway Engineering

Our team of experts have designed rail tracks to be used for freight, suburban, high-speed passenger, and mixed operations using German and Greek standards and are available to provide the safest and most cost-effective solution for your project from feasibility study to conceptual design to the development of shop drawings.

Transport Asset Management

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Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators are invaluable decision-making tools. If your organization wishes to implement KPIs per best international practice or develop KPIs that best correspond to its needs, our team can help you realize a system that informs your stakeholders, policy-makers, and engineering teams in a concise and informative way.

Railway Management System
Pavement Management System
Road Furniture Management System
Deterioration Functions

Our experts in transport engineering modeling can develop reliable deterioration functions for, railway tracks, pavements, and road furniture using both regression and machine learning techniques.

Inspection and Maintenance Program Optimization
Specialized Software

Our experts have developed the AutoStrada smartphone application which is used to collect data to approximate pavement KPIs such as the RCI, PSI, or IRI. This application can be used to collect data within your project and thus achieve a reliable calculation of KPIs with a quick turnaround.

Sustainable Mobility

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Sustainable Mobility

We have a long-term perspective that focuses on sustainability and we strive to improve the lives and livelihoods of people – their health, their environment, and their quality of life.

City Planning

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City Planning

We take a holistic approach guided by a common goal for good, data collection and analysis, forecasting, innovative design, strategic thinking, and public consultation.

Hydraulic Engineering

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Gravity Networks

Our experts’ experience in the design and construction of gravity sewage and stormwater drainage networks in different standards (USACE, UK, Greece, Qatar) guarantees an optimized solution for your project.

Pressurized Networks

Our team offers optimized designs for potable and fire water networks, including that of the necessary pumping stations.

Project Management

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Tender Preparation
Contract Management
Project Planning and Management
Cost Monitoring and Management

Experienced site engineers are available to supervise your construction project and provide expertise on-site. Be it an infrastructure, retail, residential, or industrial project, we have the expert to supervise works on your behalf.

Educational Materials & Training

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Educational Materials and Personnel Training

Our experts are available for knowledge transfer to your organization’s personnel. From drafting and 3D modeling to advanced engineering concepts, we provide lectures, educational materials, and tutoring to your team so that they can realize their full potential.

Instructional Design

Our design education consultant can create bespoke training courses and materials, documentation, instructional videos, infographics, and animations based on your professional development strategy and communication needs.

3D Modelling & Prototyping

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